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Terms & Pricing

Skilled Bartenders to Cater for Your Next Party

Serve a Variety of Frozen Drinks and Mixes

Tropical Moon Delight offers you the spark you’ll need to make your event a memorable one. Rent out a frozen drink machine from us and please your guests by serving a variety of different frozen drinks at your event.
You buy the alcohol, and we'll bring the frozen drink mixes and machines needed to create tasty cocktails that will make your guests happy.

Alcohol Usage

If you need alcohol added to the drink mixes, you would need 1 liter of whatever alcohol you'd like to add. You can choose to add vodka, rum, red wine, Midori, tequila, gin, Benedictine, wine zinfandel or white wine to whatever mix you like.

Payment by cash or cashier's check payable to Tropical Moon Delight is expected at the time of pickup.
Alcohol Bottles

Bartending Service Price List

  • 1-head machine with 2 jugs of mix, plastic tumblers, straws, and a bartender for $250.00 (serves 100 people)
  • 2-head machine with 2 jugs of mix, plastic tumblers, straws and a bartender for $250.00 (serves 100 people)
  • 2-head machine with 2 jugs of mix only for $110.00
You can choose an additional jug of the drink mix for just $15.00 per jug. You can get a bartender for $25.00 per hour starting one hour before the party. You need to hire a bartender for a minimum of 4 hours.
There will be an additional charge for services outside of a 20-mile radius from Cedar Hill. Call us to learn more about our prices.
Call us to learn more details about our WARRANTY!
We're a local, family owned and operated company that has been in business for 15 years.
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